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Tarot Reading – Busting Stereotypes

If you’ve never met a tarot reader before, you might expect something dramatic when you finally do. It’s easy to believe that, considering these people are often typecast in pop culture. However, truth is, most tarot readers are just like a kind old friend who makes use of tarot as a guide to help you make your own future (you’re always in control, not any unseen power).

What You Should Expect During a Legit Tarot Reading

You’ll be treated with warmth and respect by an ethical tarot reading. That mysterious aura and sketchy behavior portrayed in the movies are only in the movies. Your reader will have a sincere desire to help you, which is often why they go into this work in the first place. You’ll feel at ease telling them about your life as they will not judge you. And of course, there will be complete confidentiality so your secrets are safe, if not forgotten.
A Simple Plan: Coaches

If you are new to tarot cards, the reader will tell you their style of reading (each reader has a different approach) and answer your questions. They will let you record your session (if it’s a phone reading, they may do it for you). If something negative is found in the reading, they will help you deal with it. Again, you are always in charge of your life – it doesn’t merely fall on your lap. Walking out, you will feel empowered or even amused.
Learning The “Secrets” of Coaches

What You Should Expect During a Legit Tarot Reading

First and foremost, you can not expect a hundred percent accuracy. Nobody can see your entire future. A reader can only see what might be coming based on your circumstances at present, but you can always change direction whenever you like. Once again, you are always in control.

Another thing you shouldn’t expect your tarot reader to do is blaming your problems on a certain entity or curse. That would take all the responsibility out of your hands, and it is quite often the sign of a fraudster. If they start convincing you to get a cleansing, which costs a mighty sum of money, forget it.

As we have mentioned, a legit tarot reader would never judge you. There is nothing for a reader to do but help you, period. If someone is making you feel ashamed, leave. Maybe you’ve been really bad, but it’s still none of their business.

In the media, another thing tarot card readers are known for is costumes. Costumes are fine, but about 95% of tarot readers don’t wear them. What then do they usually wear? The same clothes you have. No side shows.

Finally, did you really believe tarot readers are able to read minds? Again, those things only happen in the movies or books.

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