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Easy Steps to Follow in Buying Your New Home

A very important decision to make one day is one about buying a home. The search for a new home is a very tedious one. The purchase contract is signed and very soon, you’ll be seeing your potential new home!

Hi! I will take on the role of home inspector. I am here to expound on what happens next. The house looks lovely and perfect for you as you look at it. You marvel at the fact that you are so close to getting your new home.

But first, let me run you through some things. The home inspection report may not be what you wanted it to be. Going around the house the first time might have made you miss a few very important details. Sadly, the home inspection report revealed that it, in fact, wasn’t perfect. It could be a feeling of shock or relief going on in your chest right now. Worry not because many homes actually do have problems after a good sweep through of inspection.

Balancing the knowledge of the house’s problems with your desire to own it is something I can help you with. Decisions should be made with proper information especially if it’s regarding buying a house.

Sometimes our emotions get the better of us and we end up making a decision that we won’t be happy with in the future. The path you need to follow is the one that feels right given information and of course, your feelings about it.

The most important thing to know is that your home is not perfect. Having an enjoyable home comes with its corresponding issues and problems but this shouldn’t dampen your spirits. Houses need some love too and need to be maintained. Homes that are rarely used tend to deteriorate more quickly.

Less than 3% of homes are forever doomed. Fixing and repairing these kinds of homes aren’t worth it anymore. You will know immediately if this kind of home is what you’ve just inspected. It is wise to note how much you’ll be possibly spending in repairing a house that can still be saved.

The bigger percentage of homes are those that are of very good quality. Most people really take care of their homes so that shouldn’t be much of a problem for you. We will be using this kind of house in our decision making process. The home inspection report is our main focus.

It is good to view the report summary. Issues that are require immediate care will be highlighted. The important things such as repair and safety items are in the summary. Areas to monitor are areas with issues such as leaks. Improvement such as fixing the picket fence spacing is listed under “improvement.” As mentioned summaries do not contain improvements. Since it is not in the summary, it is in the body of the report.

The summary items are also reflected in the body of the report with photographs.

The summary is also called the defect list and can help you find out what kind of contractor you will be needing. Usually, giving a quote is free of charge. You can work with your home inspector to know who is qualified to fix your home. Oftentimes, it is advisable to get a second opinion on the fixes and improvements that need to be done.

“Monitor” items are also good items to get quotes of.

In order to avoid extra expenses in the future, it is important to research about these things. It may be quite a task for your real estate professional to extend your due diligence period but you are the priority since it’s your home and also your money. Good decision making means using as much information about your house as you can.

To do a run-down, you have your summary of quotes and future expenses and it’s almost time to make a decision. For an easier decision making process, get a blank sheet of paper and draw a link in the middle lengthwise. You can now put “pros” on the left and “cons” on the right.

Number each column 1 to 10 and rank the pros and cons.

You can put things such as location, costs, maintenance, and the like as categories for your decision making.

The decision at hand should be clearer now that you have categorized and ranked important factors to your decision on that piece of paper.

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