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The Importance of Water Filters

Water is life because almost two thirds of the surface of the earth is covered by water. The human body is also said to contain almost seventy five percent of water. Water is very important for your health because it helps you to avoid suffering from irritability, dehydration, nervousness, fatigue, weakness, dizziness and headaches. Water is also important as it helps you to carry out different activities and chores such as bathing, watering plants, drinking, washing clothes and utensils and washing your house among others. Water therefore proves to be very important to living organisms and it should not be scarce but adequate to the different living organisms. Sometimes the water that may be available, may be very dirty with a lot of impurities that make it unsafe for consumption by plants and animals. This water can at times not be useful when carrying out various hygiene processes because it may end up bringing impurities back to the environment instead of keeping it clean. In such scenarios, always ensure that you employ the use different water purifying methods such as using water filters.

Water filters manage to remove impurities found in water by the use of a physical barrier, a biological process or a chemical process. They are able to cleanse dirty water to the extent that the water can be used for drinking, irrigation and in aquaria and swimming pools. The common methods of filtration are adsorption, sieving, transfer of biological metabolite and ion exchanges that will assist in removing all unwanted impurities from water. The activated carbon filters, alkaline or water ionizers, reverse osmosis, Infrared filters and UV filters are the main types of water filters.

Infrared filters assist in softening water by the use of light and heat to give the water a negative charge which will automatically make it soft. The UV filters are the recent types of filters in the market that use ultraviolent radiations to purify dirty water by eliminating any bacteria present in water.
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Reverse osmosis is a type of water filter that has the ability to remove different contaminants that can be dangerous to your health while making the filtered water through this process to be odor free and clear. Activated Carbon filters are types of water filters that are used to eliminate large particles which include silts and sediments from water.
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Water filters are very important because they are able to improve the taste and smell of water by removing bacterial contaminants and chlorine, removing lead present in drinking water, preventing the risk of colon cancer, bladder cancer and rectal cancer by eliminating chlorine and its byproducts among others.

You should employ the use of different types of water filters to eliminate the impurities that are present in dirty water to make it safe for your consumption and to be helpful in conducting different activities back at home

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