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When You Need to Maintain a Swimming Pool

The swimming pools are quite fantastic when it comes to beating the summer heat and they are also great assets to the property. Getting a swimming pool in your own backyard can surely be a great privilege. However, the privileges have responsibilities. Apart from the installation of a swimming pool and having fun in this, it is very important that you pay attention to maintain the pool and so that this will be in the right condition in the years to come. The pools should be cleaned regularly, whatever is the kind of swimming pool and if this will be used or not. The pools are actually open water systems which are regularly exposed to rain, debris, snow and other external factors too.

The fallen leaves as well as other organic waste materials would be collected on the water’s surface. The debris would decompose attracting bacteria and this would result to the spread of waterborne illnesses like typhoid, cholera, salmonellosis and others. Other than the illnesses, wrong swimming pool maintenance could result to a cloudy pool water, swimming pool staining, build up of algae, strong chlorine smell as well as many others. By looking at the swimming pool maintenance guide, then you can have a better idea about how to maintain a pool throughout the year.

You have to understand that maintaining the swimming pool water is not hard to do but this should be done regularly. There are certain tasks that should be done weekly and the others must be done on a yearly or monthly basis. There are many pool maintenance guides that you can find in the market that offer elaborate guidelines about how to maintain a pool.
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One is that you have to check the chlorine level. Chlorination is required to sanitize the pool. The sodium or calcium hypochlorite are the chemical compounds utilized for sanitizing the pool and they are added in the pool with the use of the chemical feeder. Through chlorination, bacteria and algae would be destroyed and such is going to sterilize the pool. Moreover, bromine is also utilized for disinfecting the pool.
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You should also know that the pH level must be checked twice a week. Know that the pH level measures the water’s alkalinity or acidity. This must be kept at 7.2 to 7.6 because this pH level would make chlorine really effective. If the water is very acidic, then this is going to corrode the pool metal equipment and when there is a highly alkaline water, this is going to result to pool water clouding. Muriatic acid can be also added to the water for controlling pH. Adding acid or alkali will have to depend on the acidity or the alkalinity of the pool water.

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